Monetary Donations

The R. E. Olds Transportation Museum was built and established through a strong legacy of generous support. It is only through the numerous contributions of many automotive enthusiasts that the Museum has reached its current level of excellence. To all donors, past, present and future – thank you.

The Capital Fund is used to raise money to make improvements on the building. Upcoming projects include: re-roofing the building, this will be done in two phases; phase 1 is complete. (Click here to see timeline of phase 2), remodeling the bathrooms to be ADA compliant, repairing cracks in the walls and repainting the exterior of the building.

The Operating Fund is the lifeblood of the Museum. As many loyal R. E. Olds Transportation Museum supporters know, ticket sales, gift shop revenue and special events do not completely cover the costs of operating a world-class automotive museum. Thankfully the Operating Fund closes this gap and ensures the sustainability of current programs. This funding maintains the Museum’s impressive vehicle collection, sustains its Education Program, provides necessary supplies and keeps the lights on.

The Endowment Fund provides long-term sustainable income for the R. E. Olds Transportation Museum. Donations to this fund are invested for perpetuity and only the interest on these investments is spent. The interest becomes a part of the operating budget and therefore funds items similar to the Operating Fund. Making a donation to the Endowment Fund is a way of perpetuating your support for the Museum since the actual gift will never be spent. Due to this fact, all memorial, planned and deferred gifts are designated to the Endowment Fund.

Special Project Funds are occasionally created to seek additional funding for initiatives that will not be funded by the operating budget in the near future. These funds often focus on improvements to current exhibitions or the creation of new exhibits and displays.

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