Auto Adoption Program

We have several vintage automobiles that need help with providing for their care.

You can help by taking part in our Auto Adoption Program. Your tax-deductible support will aid the Museum in its mission to preserve examples of automotive history for future generations.

The Program offer three levels of support, each with its own set of rewards.

Become a Foster Parent

For a $60 gift you can meet the needs of an automobile of your choice for six months. In return a small sign will be placed in the window of the car announcing your “Foster Parent” status. You will also receive two FREE  passes that will allow you and a friend to visit your fostered vehicle. Foster care is renewable at a rate of $50 for a six-month period.

Adopt a Car of Your Own

For a one-time $100 donation you can choose a car to become part of your extended family for a period of one year. A sign will be placed near the car that will explain how you have taken it in and are providing for its care. Your chosen vehicle and its adoption will get special coverage in the Museum newsletter as well as on our website. You will receive 4 FREE  passes so you can spend time together. A 10% off coupon will allow you to pick up a memento of your visit from our gift shop. Yearly extensions are only $90.

Current Adopters –

Jerry Garfield – 2004 Final 500 Alero

Be a Long Term Benefactor

$300 will allow you to provide for a favorite automobile for 4 years. When you become a Benefactor your gift will be commemorated with a plaque. Additionally, 4 FREE passes will be issued to you. A list of all Benefactors will be published in every newsletter and on the website. Your long term generosity will also be recognized at the Annual Membership meeting. You can use your 10% gift shop discount whenever you visit. Renewals and longer term support options can be arranged.

Current Benefactors –

Olds Club of Florida = Baby REO                     

Chuck & Judy Wooderson – ’38 REO Firetruck

Chuck & Judy Wooderson – ’50 Olds Woody Wagon

Chuck & Judy Wooderson – 1999 Alero Pacecar

Don Baron – ’50 Olds Coupe

Aaron & Nichole Toth – ’66 Olds Toronado

Olds Club of Florida – ’21 Oldsmobile

John and Jan Boyle – 1951 Olds Super 88 2dr.

Randy & Leigh Ann Thayer – 1925 REO Dumptruck

Take your place in history…

For more information or to sign up to be part of our Auto Adoption Program, contact us today.