CDO Drawings





MODEL B  1905 to 1907 RUNABOUT

BA-4-133 72 Connecting rod locking bolt  size A
BA-4-134 73 Locking bolt, piston end of connecting rod
BA-7-1003 74 Engine intake valve spring   size A
BA-9-106 75 Valve shaft bushing (also for model 6C)  size A
BB-1-1002 76 High speed clutch pull rod cam  size A
BB-1-1004 77 High speed yoke shoes  size A
BB-1-191 78 High speed Pawl  size A
BB-2-228 79 Low speed bracket   size A
BB-2-234 80 Low speed assembly drawing  size C+
BB-2-236 81 Low speed bank ear  size A
BB-3-1003 82 Pull rod for reverse band  size A
BB-6-1004 Gear Case
BB-6-1006 83 Transmission gear casing  size B
BB-7-1013 84 Transmission shifting lever handle  size B
BD-1-258 85 Front axle assembly drawing  size C
BD-3-222 86 Ball socket rear truss rod support  left hand
BD-6-1008 87 Steering tiller support post   size B
BF-1-1005 88 Throttle pedal rocker shaft crank arm  size A
BF-1-173 89 Radiator for model B
BH-1-1001 90 Gasoline tank  size B
BH-4-1002 91 Throttle pedal rocker shaft crank arm  size A
BH-4-1003 92 Throttle pedal support  size A
BH-4-114 93 Throttle rod  size A
BH-4-115 94 Throttle rod end  size A
BH-4-117 95 Throttle pedal ratchet  size A
BH-4-118 96 High speed speeder throttle ratchet  size A
BH-4-119 97 Throttle pedal  size B


DB-7-105 98 Control levers shaft bold  size B
DB-7-108 99 Transmission shifting lever  size B
DC-1-100 angle iron frame for engine
DD-3-101 100 Front spring support
DD-3-113 101 Front axle spring perch  size B
DE-2-108 102 Toe rail  size B
DE-2-112 103 Tail gate handle  size B
DE-2-114 104 Tiller floor plate bearing   size B
DF-1-106 8 tube radiator (for inspection car)
DI-1-100 105 Rod, foot pedal  size B


GA-4-133 106 Connecting rod locking bolt  size A
GA-4-134 107 Adj. bolt, connecting rod, piston end   size A
GA-7-197 Cam shaft bushing
GA-7-200 eccentric bushing for cam shaft short
GD-3-231R Upper front spring
GD-3-231L Upper front spring
GD-3-259R Side spring left hand
GD-3-259M Side spring left hand
GD-3-259L Side spring left hand
GD-3-280R Lower part of front cross spring
GD-3-280L Lower part of front cross spring


IB-5-103 108 8 tooth chain sprocket  size B
ID-1-118 109 Rear axle spring perch  size B
ID-1-156 110 Rear axle shaft, short   size B
ID-1-157 111 Axle shaft, long size B
ID-1-213 112 Front drive axle assembly drawing  size C+
IE-2-123 113 Canopy bracket top size B
IE-2-124 114 Canopy support bracket   size B
IE-2-125 115 Socket for top support  size B
IF-1-106 116 Radiator 8 tube   size B
IG-3-101 117 Commutator lift wire  size B
IG-5-100 118 Spark lever    size B
IH-4-101 119 Speeder rocking shaft  size B
II-3-150 120 Foot pedal, brake/reverse   size B




Connecting rod bushing

KB-1-2009 HS Clutch dog
KB-1-2019 Clutch fork bearing bushing
KH-4-2008 Throttle control link
KH-4-2011 Throttle stop linkage
NA-3-107 Piston pin for 5×6 piston
NA-6-117 Stud for exhaust valve lever
NA-7-100 Inlet valve spring
NA-7-148 Valve bushing
NA-8-101 Cover for worm gear case
NA-8-184 20 teeth left hand spiral
NB-1-103 Clutch plate transmission A
NB-1-105 HS Clutch arm transmission A
NB-1-113 HS clutch cone transmission A
NB-2-102 Slow speed spider transmission A
NB-2-103 Gear case cover transmission A
NB-2-107 Slow speed pinion transmission A
NB-2-108 Slow speed driving gear transmission A
NB-2-116 Drive gear transmission B
NB-2-126 Slow speed pinion transmission B
NB-2-143 Transmission band liner
NB-2-162 Cam holder pin
NB-2-163 Low speed pull rod
NB-2-165 LS band lever
NB-2-175 LS assembly
NB-2-213 LS adjust screw
NB-2-214 LS band ear
NB-2-215 LS cam
NB-2-216 LS toggle
NB-2-221 LS band fiber
NB-3-101 Reverse drum bushing for transmission A
NB-3-102 Reverse pinion
NB-3-103 Internal reverse gear transmission A
NB-3-104 Reverse band drum transmission A
NB-3-105 Reverse driving gear transmission A
NB-3-110 Reverse drum transmission B
NB-3-135 Reverse band transmission gear
NB-7-136 Control connecting rod
ND-1-111 Assembly rear hub
ND-1-123 Truss rod collar for 2 3/8 rear tube
ND-1-126 Left hand rear axle shaft 5×6
ND-1-127 Right hand rear axle shaft 5×6
ND-1-134 Inner flange rear hub 1 1/8 shaft
ND-1-146 Outer flange for hub 1 1/8 shaft
ND-1-147 Hubcap 1 1/8 shaft
ND-1-150R Assembly front axle 1 3/4 tube
ND-1-150L Assembly front axle 1 3/4 tube
ND-3-116 Front spring upper half 1 1/4
ND-3-270 Side space block
ND-5-105 Gear for differential 1 1/8 shaft 2 3/8 tube
ND-5-106 Left hand differential gear 1 1/8 shaft 2 3/8 tube
ND-5-116R Left hand differential housing
ND-5-116L Left hand differential housing
ND-5-115 Differential brake band 1 1/8 shaft 2 3/8 tube
ND-5-122 Differential 1 1/8 and shaft
NH-3-109 Kingston carb assembly
NI-3-131 Adjusting bolt for rear side 8 1/2 x 10 hub brake
NT-3-133 End lug for rear brake shoe

MODEL R  1901 – 1903 RUNABOUT

RA-1-1000 1 Cylinder head
RA-2-112 3 Engine crankshaft
RA-2-1100 2 Engine crank case lower cover/support
RA-3-1100 4 Engine piston
RA-5-1100 5 Flywheel
RA-6-1100 6 Engine exhaust valve lever
RA-7-1101 7 Washer, inlet lever, crankcase cover, relief
RA-8-1100 8 Cam Shaft gear 14 tooth
RB-1-1108 9 Transmission Assembly drawing
RB-2-1100 10 Transmission gear case, low speed
RB-2-1101 11 Transmission gear case bushing
RB-2-1106 12 Transmission, low speed drum casting
RB-2-1107 13 Transmission, low speed bushing
RB-2-1111 14 Transmission, low speed drive gear
RB-2-1112 15 Transmission, low speed gear plate old style
RB-2-1113 16 Transmission low speed actuator cam
RB-2-1114 17 Transmission low speed linkage arm
RB-2-1115 18 Transmission low speed push rod
RB-3-1103 19 Transmission drum rev. internal tooth
RC-1-1101 20 Engine frame support
RD-1-1102 21 Front axle, spring perch
RD-1-1103 22 Front axle, yoke
RD-2-1124 23 Front wheel, wire 28x 2 1/2 Weston Mott size C
RD-2-1125 24 Rear wheel, wire, 28 x 2 1/2 Weston Mott size C
RD-4-1100 25 Front axle, wheel spindle   size B
RD-5-1103 26 Differential gear  housing  size B
RD-6-1005 27 Steering post washer, fiber    size B
RD-6-1010 28 Steering tiller lower end fitting    size B
RD-6-1017 29 Steering tiller no fittings   size B
RD-6-1107 30 Steering spring  size B
RD-6-1108 31 Steering spring upper cap  size B
RF-1-101 32 Radiator 1903 finned  size C
RF-1-11xx 33 Radiator holding clip  size B
RF-2-115 34 Gear pump body (bolts to crankshaft) size B
RF-2-116 34 Gear pump body (bolts to crankshaft) size B
RF-4-101R 35 Water tank late 1903  size C
RF-4-101L 36 Water tank late 1903  size C
RG-3-1103 37 Commutator block size B
RG-3-1108 38 Commutator block large   size B
RG-3-1112 39 Commutator spring brush   size B
RH-1-1103 Relief plunger
RH-2-1100 40 Gasoline filler fitting   size B
RH-2-1101 41 Fuel tank drain plug fitting female  size B
RH-2-1103 42 Tank plug, gas and water tanks male  size B
RH-4-1111 43 Carburetor choke, catch plate  size B
RH-4-2005 Throttle pedal bracket
RH-4-2012 Throttle pedal lever
RI-1-1107 44 Brake pedal  size B
RI-2-100 45 Emergency brake band  size B
RJ-1-1100 46 Starting hand crank shaft  size B
RJ-1-1104 47 Compression release pedal   size B
RJ-1-1109 48 Decompression floor shaft  size B
RJ-1-1110 49 Floor plate, relief plunger  size B
RJ-1-1111 50 New decompression rocker shaft   size B
RJ-2-1101 51 Starting spring sprocket with gear pump size B
RJ-2-1109 52 Starting spring chain sprocket and tooth  size B
RL-1-1105 53 Muffler, 6″  forward end  size B




Throttle control lever

TA-3-109 Piston pin 5 1/2 x 6
TA-3-113 5 1/2 x 6 piston pin plug
TA-4-109 Connecting rod bushing 5 1/2 x 6
TA-4-116 Adjustable bolt piston end connecting rod
TA-4-117 Locking bolt for piston and connecting rod
TA-6-129 Cam shaft for 5 x 6 a b-1 5 1/2 x 6
TA-7-129 Cam
TA-7-148 Valve bushing
TB-2-124 Drive gear transmission C
TB-2-131 Slow speed internal transmission C
TB-2-143 Trans band liners
TB-2-159 LS assembly
TB-2-162 Cam holder pin
TB-2-163 LS pull rod
TB-2-165 LS band lever
TB-2-213 LS adjusting screw
TB-2-214 LS band ear
TB-2-215 LS cam
TB-2-216 LS toggle
TB-2-221 LS band fiber
TB-3-113 Pin for reverse pinion
TB-3-115 Reverse drum transmission C
TB-3-116 Reverse pinion for transmission
TB-3-141 Reverse band operating lever
TD-1-124 Rear axle right
TD-1-132R Rear axle assembly
TD-1-132L Rear axle assembly
TD-1-135 Rear axle left
TD-1-139 Inner flange 1/4 axle 2 1/2 tube
TD-1-142 Hubcap 1 1/4 shaft  2 1/2 tube
TD-1-143 Rear hub flange 1 1/4 shaft 2 1/2 tube
TD-1-153R Front axle assembly
TD-1-153L Front axle assembly
TD-3-117 Lower part of front cross spring
TD-3-118 Front half spring 1 1/2 top
TD-5-118 Differential sprocket 25 tooth
TD-5-129 Differential pinion 1 1/4 shaft 2 1/2 tube
TD-5-130R Differential brake band
TD-5-130L Differential brake band
TD-5-136 Lft hand differential gear 1 1/4 shaft 2 1/2 tube
TD-5-148 Right hand differential case
TD-5-149 Left hand differential casing
TD-5-159R Rear differential assembly
TD-5-159L Rear differential assembly
TD-6-119 Steering gear outside bracket
TF-2-103 Gear for gear pump
TF-2-112 Gear pump body
TH-4-111 Throttle pedal bolt
TH-4-117 Locking bolt for piston and connecting rod
TL-1-143 Muffler assembly


6C-161 54 Engine piston 5 inch  size B
6CB-6-1000 55 Transmission assembly drawing  size C
6CB-6-1007 56 Transmission gear cover  size B
6CD-6-1001 57 Bolt for steering spring lever   size B
6CD-6-1002 58 Lever, steering bottom of steering spring  size B
6CD-6-1003 59 Front axle tie rod and steering knuckle  size B
6CD-6-1004 60 Front axle steering spring support brackt  size B
6CD-6-1006 61 Steering spring  U clip  size B
6CD-6-1007 62 Steering spring  size B
6CD-6-1008 63 Tiller post, body support bearing   size B
6CD-6-1009 64 Tiller bearing post,  size B
6CD-6-1010 65 Tiller tube, bottom fitting, jaw   size B
6CD-6-1012 66 Steering spring lower bolt  size B
6CD-6-1013 67 Shoulder bolt, steering tiller, lower end   size B
6CD-6-1014 68 Front axle steering spring lever   size B
6CD-6-1016 69 Steering spring  size B
6CG-1-1007 70 Battery box support bracket   size B
6CH-1-1001 71 Gasoline tank   size B
6CDI-1-100 Connecting rod foot lever to brake band