Museum Wish List

The R. E. Olds Transportation Museum, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, is an entity that is striving to preserve the transportation history of Lansing. The Museum already has many beautiful Lansing transportation historical items, such as cars, trucks, lawn mowers, aircraft memorabilia, engines, jewelry, nameplates, books, manuals, pictures, portraits, etc., and wishes to add to the collection.

Donations are the best way to accomplish this goal. The donations are tax deductible and make your donation a part of history.

The “R. E. Olds Transportation Museum Wish List” contains some of the most pressing needs for the Museum. The Museum’s Archive department uses most of the “stuff” that is donated. This frequently includes period artifacts or close reproductions to create a context for the automobiles on display. Oftentimes we are also undertaking small repair tasks on the vehicles in the collection or adding something that was missing when a vehicle arrived. Finally, with a 25,000 square foot facility a lot of general building and office supplies are used as well. If you have any of these things lying around in your attic, basement or garage, we’d love to have them as a permanent donation.

The following items are desired to help fulfill the Museum’s goal of preserving and displaying the history of Lansing’s transportation related industries.

  1. Oldsmobile and REO automobile and truck related items
  2. Durant and Star automobile related items.
  3. Duplex Truck related items.
  4. Clark & Clarkmobile automobile related items.
  5. Clark Truck (Lansing) related items.
  6. A small Bates & Edmonds stationary engine, a “Bull Dog” model for example. Any Bates & Edmond item. Any Lansing related engine item.
  7. Lansing aviation items; Abrams, Driggs, etc.
  8. Items related to companies such as: Lansing Stamping, Atlas Forge, Melling Forge, Olofsson, Motor Wheel, Fisher Body, IMPCO, etc.
  9. Any items related to Lansing UAW locals.
  10. Nash-Kelvinator World War II items – they made propellers in Lansing. Any WWII Lansing items.
  11. Remember the Museum in your will.

You can also purchse items for the Museum on using this link:

Be sure to use Amazon Smile when making purchases, all you have to do is look for the charity of your choice, we are listed as Re Olds Museum Assoc Inc. When you purchase through Amazon Smile .5% of your purchase will be donated back to the Museum! And don’t worry, all of the Amazon prices are exactly the same throughAmazon Smile as they would be on the regular site.

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